5 picture about food&drink that will make your have good balance diet


“A spoon cannot taste the food it carries” – Absolutely! A spoon is just a medium to carry the food. It cannot taste the food it carries. It remains unaware of the taste of the food that it carries on itself. This is because, in life, there are times we do certain jobs just because we have been chosen as the medium for it. In the same way, a foolish man will never be able to understand the wise decision of a man who is virtuous. Even if a foolish man gets linked with the sage, it is less likely for that person to understand the logic behind a wise man’s decision.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

 "And dieting, I discovered, was another form of disordered eating, just as anorexia and bulimia similarly disrupt the natural order of eating. "Ordered" eating is the practice of eating when you are hungry and ceasing to eat when your brain sends the signal that your stomach is full. ... All people who live their lives on a diet are suffering. If you can accept your natural body weight and not force it to beneath your body's natural, healthy weight, then you can live your life free of dieting, of restriction, of feeling guilty every time you eat a slice of your kid's birthday cake."
Portia de Rossi, 

Food is an important part of a balanced diet.

Since childhood, we have always focused on having a count of the number of friends that we have our own. Well, as we grow up, we change our circle, and that’s how we meet new people, and then again, we lose our contacts with a lot of them. However, it is important to understand that we never actually require a lot of friends; all we require is to have a couple of them who are real.  Having a lot of friends on the list would never suffice your needs at the time of crisis. You may have a lot of friends who will be there to wish you on your birthday and join you at your success party, but is that worth it? You may have a lot of people who will be right there with you in your ups, but you won’t get any of them when you are down, that doesn’t make any sense!

The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook.

Well, I believe is a vital thing. It has the power to make you achieve anything. Moreover, there are physical as well as mental benefits of believing in you. The most important that it will do is enhance your confidence. Once you start believing in yourself, you will witness a massive change in you. Your approach to life will also change. You will be confident that no one can stop you from achieving the goal of your desire. Also, it will increase your productivity. Another important change that you will notice is that you will become more open to the risks. To be precise, you will not face any issues before taking risks. And if you don’t take risks in your life, you can never achieve your desired result. Also, you have to make sure that you believe that nothing is impossible in this world. If you comprehend that it is tough to achieve your dreams, you can never achieve the desired success in your life.

No nation is drunken where wine is cheap.

You cannot expect your loved person to be absolutely perfect, just like the way you have always craved your partner to be! You need to understand that true love is not to be discovered. You need to build it in order to make sure that your partner is perfectly matching with the kind of person you are!  There are a lot of other things that we usually look for, in a person whom we call a soulmate for the rest of our life.

Feed the body food and drink, it will survive today. Feed the soul art and music, it will live forever.

Working is the one thing that will help you to live a life even after you have died. If you do something great that a lot of people become your fan or followers, you will live as long as these huge fan following remembers you. This fan following will remember everything about you, and this way you will live even after you have died. Your works will remain constant in the world, and people will always remember that there was this guy/girl who achieved his/her dreams because he/she tried. He/She has given everything to their work, and they will never forget you

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