Meet the Exquisite Perfume Collection by Benigna Parfums – the Extraordinary Luxury Niche Fragrances Captivating the World with Their Fusion of Artistry and Compelling Storytelling – Premiering Soon in a Cinema!

Welcome to the house of Benigna Parfums - an elegant gender-neutral and transformative fragrance brand that has stunned the world with their exquisite perfumes.



Meet the Exquisite Perfume Collection by Benigna Parfums  – the Extraordinary Luxury Niche Fragrances Captivating the World  with Their  Fusion of Artistry and Compelling Storytelling –  Premiering Soon in a Cinema!

Welcome to the house of Benigna Parfums – an elegant gender-neutral and transformative fragrance brand that has stunned the world with their exquisite perfumes. 

In a beauty market that is saturated and full of options, to succeed in wowing the world with a new selection of fragrances is quite an achievement. Benigna Parfums, whose heart and focus has been dedicated to using the rarest and most expensive ingredients combined with superior craftsmanship, recently launched The Floral Trio. And, in a bold, creative move – they are set to premier a film inspired by their exquisite perfumes story in Cinema soon.

With a glance at the stellar list of ingredients in Benigna Parfums, you will instantly notice the most precious and elusive ones such as Bulgarian Rose, Ambergris, Musk, Oud and Orris . Interestingly, many of them have to be aged from 2 to 5 years to produce only 2 kilos (4.4 pounds) of fragranced oil.  

These wonderful notes and ingredients can be seen in the following Youtube video, where the master perfumer, Cecile Zarokian, talks in detail about the process of producing the Benigna Parfums fragrances. In the film she refers to the Bulgarian rose, its cost, and the quantity of 10,000 pounds of rose petals that are needed to distill only one pound of the highly coveted rose oil. As a result of its rarity and the difficulty of harvesting it, to make only 1 kg of rose oil you will need about 4 tons of rose petals, hand-picked at dawn.  She explains that 200 roses are needed to make 1kg of petals! Ambergris and Orris are two of the most expensive perfume ingredients today, and the Oud value is estimated to be 1.5 times the value of gold, and is why it is often referred to as  


"liquid gold".  Orris butter is another of the most costly ingredients in perfumery, around 20 000 €/k .  The roots of Orris have a very long aging process of about 3 years, and a drying process of 3 or more years, which sums up to at least 6 years total.  With those statistics, it is easy to understand why the exquisite perfumes are so expensive.

The masterfully-crafted scents are specifically curated to cater to those who are seeking something truly unique, superior in quality, and leave it to the wearer to create their own personal, intimate story. Each scent is carefully formulated to spark joy, harmony, and a luxurious sensory experience, presented in diamond-faceted crystal bottles with hand-cut crystal stoppers,  adorned with Swarovski crystals circling the 24-karat gold-plated neck. The gender-neutral scents bring diversity and a modern, fresh perspective, and the brand stands out for its commitment to sustainability, boasting eco-friendly packaging, and refillable bottles. 

Inspirational and entertaining Screenplay : A new-age action movie inspired by the exquisite perfumes story.

Recently, Benigna Parfums supported and motivated talented screenwriters to compose a film screenplay inspired by the three-year journey to create their exquisite perfume collection, with the idea of integrating true-life with fiction.… bringing together the best of the two unique worlds. The plot revolves around a female protagonist on a mission to produce the most exquisite perfume ever created.  When the formula is stolen by her rival, the film takes a new turn that is truly entertaining and enlightening. The new-age movie – “Impossibility Nonexistent” u/Impossibilitynonexistent, where a strong heroine makes her debut in action-packed sequences, is set to arrive in movie theaters and stream online in the near future. The film, which features  


well-known actors, is a must-see for everyone! Additionally, the creative process behind this screenplay has touched on a few trending topics that we feel need to be showcased on-screen. One important aspect is that we created a role for a woman of color as the main character, and which also goes against pre-established stereotypes in action movies where primarily males have been leading characters. 

Being highly socially conscious has led to a partnership with Benigna Parfums and  BeEagle Foundation, a non-profit organization that was created to encourage young women around the world to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. It is Benigna’s visionas the creative director of the luxury brand, to tell a story that shows that nothing is impossible, pledging to inspire and provide opportunities to young women around the world.

Although perfume houses may be evolving at an incredible pace, Benigna Parfums is making quite an impact in the fragrance world with their brave and ambitious ideas, which come perfectly aligned with the social climate we are experiencing today.

Find out more about Benigna Parfums here.

Benigna Parfums


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