Young love and heartbreak. Like many famous poets, Shahram Kabiri’s inspiration to write came from the experiences of his youthful romance.
He rose to prominence after the success of his first book ‘Sometimes I Miss Myself’. It garnered a huge following as well as got him noticed and since then people have been awaiting the release of his next publication.
The story of ‘One Thousand Roses’ resonates with the roller coaster of emotions one goes through at a young age when the sensation of love is all raw and pure; when heartbreak is too sudden, too shattering.
As a poetry enthusiast, one is well acquainted with the concept of the heart’s longing and desires. From Shakespeare’s sonnets to Rupi Kaur’s ‘Milk and Honey’, it continues to be a source of fascination for readers – including Kabiri.
But in contemporary times, people have not been able to relate to many of today’s poets. It has been a domain that’s been unfortunately become restricted and is losing it’s charm. Except for a few modern poets, audiences continue to connect to more traditional writers or spend their leisure times in digital engagements.
Shahram Kabiri is like a breath of fresh air who forces you to stop and think. His writings have compelled those towards the art that were previously unaware of its charm. An approach that is more relatable, and more in sync with today’s generation.
The depth of Shahram Kabiri’s unique style lies in its rawness and simplicity. It relates to thousands of warm hearted romantics out there because it is written for Kabiri himself. After all, reading the book is almost like reading a diary that let’s out those deep thoughts and unexpressed feelings. The book is not at all extravagant, but personal and true – a rarity.
As an escape from his surroundings, Shahram Kabiri took to writing from adolescence. Likewise, his poems have a spell bounding effect that carries the audience back to the day they first met their special person – the one who took over their heart by storm and had a huge impact on them.
‘One Thousand Roses’ isn’t about glorifying the feelings of love. It isn’t about a bubble that is kept from bursting. It is a journey - Kabiri’s journey of surreal emotions – from learning to love to finding his way after it is only left as a distant memory.
He walks readers along his path, or he walks along their paths. It deals with the reality of emotions a person goes through. Juvenile love is like a lesson not taught in school. No textbook definition or handbook to help you ace through. Yet so many people experience it. So similar yet so different for everyone.
The book ‘One Thousand Roses’, takes one rose at a time. A captivating process of the budding of the flower and then its petals drying up to fall apart. But then a new rose arises right next to it. A modern take on budding romance, heartbreak, and finding love from a new rose.
A sort of unfolding of the life of Shahram Kabiri, it is a recommended read for all those enjoying the sweet gifts of young love or those reminiscing their joyous days of opening their hearts to love. ‘One Thousand Roses’ is bound to make you fall in love all over again.

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