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Translation agency with excellent customer service – we are happy to help you

Professional express service for specialist translations is offering you here an online dictionary which not only contains the usual language pairs for Germany such as German-English, English-German or German-French, French-German but also shows words and expressions in more exotic linguistic directions such as English-Spanish or Spanish-English.

The online dictionary offered by our translation agency is intended to be optimized with your help and to grow continuously in the process. We would be happy to receive new translation suggestions but also if already existing translations from other users were improved upon.Every entry is important for us however small.

Of course we cannot guarantee that the translations in our online dictionary do not contain any mistakes.This is only intended to be a small translation aid. Profi Schnelldienst guarantees that texts entered will not be evaluated or passed to third parties.

Translation technology can help to translate texts into the relevant target language more simply but it is not really suitable for complicated or very technical content and texts. That is why: if you are looking for high-quality translations for your material you are in the best of hands with us.

In times of globalization and the increasing interdependence of business, politics, science and culture, the importance of the profession of specialist translator is growing. Since translating does not mean translating a text from one language word for word into the target language, but rather taking into account typical linguistic and cultural communication patterns in the target language, the translator plays an important role in overcoming language barriers.

As a language mediator between people from different cultures, he helps to build economic and political relationships.
The process of translating is not just about transferring facts and content. Depending on the language combination, diverging economic, cultural, political or social conditions apply in the country of origin and destination, which must be taken into account when translating.
This includes a high degree of sensitivity and instinct in the selection of the formulations as well as a pronounced linguistic "diplomacy".

Internationally operating companies and institutions turn to renowned, certified language services wherever possible.The translators employed here have different academic backgrounds:

• Certified translators

• Academically certified specialist translators

• Linguists and linguists

• Engineers with a proven foreign language background

In a high-tech world, it is essential that translators, in addition to linguistic knowledge, specialize in a certain subject and certain types of text. The first step towards qualification as a specialist translator is an additional subject course that is completed as a supplementary subject as part of the language course.

In translation practice, the transitions between the subject areas are sometimes fluid. For example, legal and technical issues come together in patent texts.

It is also important that the specialist translator, due to the high pace of innovation in the individual sectors of the modern world economy, is constantly changing

This goes hand in hand with developing technical language and terminology to rely on regular further training in order to always be up to date. This applies to texts from the legal system, pharmacy or pharmacology, patent system, finance and medicine, to name just a few branches.


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