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The real estate industry isn’t changing, it’s already changed. Here’s how this 19 year old is helping real estate agents adapt to the new environment.

Jeremie Nadon is the CEO and Founder of Nadon Media (Also known as The Listings Agency), which is a digital marketing agency that works solely with real estate agents, and helps them scale their business.

Jeremie believes in a 4 step process to growing your “Digital Sphere of Influence”:

  1. Engage
  2. Nurture
  3. Schedule
  4. Convert

Break these four steps down for everyone, how can we apply this?

Jeremie: The first step ‘engage’ is very well known. This is your typical direct response marketing. You run an ad to an ice cold audience asking them to submit their information for something.

But everyone usually forgets the other three steps. Which is the biggest reason most lead generation companies cannot deliver for their clients.

‘Nurture’ is simple – this is following up using value driven videos (Via retargeting ads on social, or wherever), emails with tips, voicemails etc. The vast majority of this you can automate (Which we do). This builds a relationship with the leads (and people that clicked on the ad, but didn’t submit info).

Most real estate agents are also trying to do everything themselves. They’re the marketer, ISA & closer. If you want to grow you NEED to give up control over some areas of your business, and hire an ISA. 

If you’re an agent, you can’t call leads within 5 minutes at 3am, or follow up 10x in the first 5 days. You just don’t have that sort of time…

‘Convert’ is the last step of the process, where you actually close a deal with someone after the ISA books their appointment into your calendar. This is the only step any agent should really be doing themselves.

Wow, so how and when did you get into the digital marketing space?

I started young. I built my first website when I was 9 years old, got into graphic design, video editing, and paid youtube ads around 12-13. 

I think the things that interest you at those ages are good things to model for what you truly enjoy. Instead of what happens to a lot of people as they get older – they have other people start telling them that they need to be a doctor or lawyer, or whatever to be ‘successful’.

So I really feel like digital marketing chose me. All the skills I naturally loved developing as a kid have come full circle and allowed me to have over a decade of experience in this industry, at only 19 years old.

Why did you drop out of high school?

Well number one – I have nothing but disbelief in our modern ‘education’ system. I strongly believe it does much more harm than good for today’s kids. 

And number two – because it was interfering with my business. Whether it was selling pop out of my locker in grade 9, weed in grade 10, fixing phones in grade 11, or selling custom printed hoodies in grade 12, my school was against it all. 

They went the extra mile to make sure I couldn’t drum up any business in school – which in grade 10 made sense, but for the other businesses not so much. 

One of the ways they did this was by making me sit in a tiny 4x4ft room all day, every day. To be fair to them – I hated school so I wasn’t the most well-behaved kid there.

So eventually I wanted to put my time and energy into my business. School is not the place for that. It was dragging me down and I don’t regret my decision one bit.

If you could go up on stage in front of an audience of hundreds of thousands of real estate agents, and business owners, what would you say?

Systemize, populate, and train. You need to have systems and people with the right information in your business.

Look, you need to help other people become successful with you. Stop trying to do everything yourself, instead build a machine that can operate (at least for a little while) by itself without you having to do much. 

Remember this: If you don’t have a position on your team, you are that position. (If you don’t have an ISA, you’re the ISA. If you don’t have a lead generator, you’re the lead generator)

Outsource and leverage other people’s time, and make them successful too.

So to summarize: Have systems in place for all areas of your business, have people working those systems, and give them the best of the best training so that they can do the best work and repeat successful actions & strategies.

The role of the real estate agent has also changed. With sites like zillow,, and redfin – consumers can look up any home and it’s records with a couple taps of their fingers. People no longer need a real estate agent to find homes for them.

People need you to open the doors, get them connected with lenders, inspectors etc.

But the most important piece that your clients need you for is the negotiating/closing side of things. No website can currently replace that for a while, and most people aren’t expert negotiators. 

So get really good at sales, closing & negotiating as well, and make sure your team is constantly improving their sales and persuasion skills.

What’s the biggest mistake most real estate agents make when trying to run successful digital ads?

Lack of specifications, and the wrong targeting. Sometimes I get targeted by ads from real estate agents.

I see them once, and never again. It’s just a picture of them with their phone number and email, and something very general “Call me for all your real estate needs!” etc.

It’s taking the shotgun approach versus the sniper. You could target a specific city (Or part of a city if you’re creative with the include/exclude feature in the ads manager) and start the ad off with “Hey Miami Home Owners $1 Million and up!” – your leads might cost a bit more but anyone who lives in Miami and has a home over $1 Million will feel like the ad is speaking directly to them which is what you want.

Be specific, and make sure your targeting is right.

Also on the topic of targeting – always retarget. If someone clicks on your ad but doesn’t fill out the form, they should see another ad right away that starts with “Forgot something?”

Thanks for your time today Jeremie!

No problem! Thanks for having me.

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